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Imagine that you have a garden and in this garden there are weeds, garbage and, on top of that, you are watering it with putrid water. Obviously your garden would not grow well and on top of that you would have vermin showing up, feeding on the garbage and, in the process, destroying your garden. What I mean by this is that the environment acts as a bellwether as to whether or not something can grow and thrive. Would you rather be a fish in a nice clean stream or one in a stagnant pond? That’s no different from your body. Your internal environment is going to dictate whether your body’s fluids, your body’s one hundred and fifty trillion cells will thrive or whether they languish.The main factor in determining whether or not the environment is going to be clean or dirty is its pH levels. Let’s take the fish tank as an example. for more information visit

Most people will tell you that if you have a sick fish, the first thing you are going to want to change is the water the environment, the pH levels. pH is the seed to either a healthy environment or an unhealthy toxic one.The exact same principle holds true in your body. pH levels must be regulated. Maybe you have heard that the pH levels in your blood do not change much. That is actually true, but some people go further and say the pH levels in your body do not change at all.

That is simply not true.  The only way that your body can deal with excess acid is to store it, to move it away from the blood stream. Like other waste, acids must be neutralized and then disposed of through your blood stream so as to eventually be carried out of your body through your colon or kidneys.

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